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Started operating chemical import and export business in 1993, and mainly engaged in chemical business before 2012. In 2012, we began importing overseas goods and daily necessities, and also established the Grain, Oil and Food Department and the Life Science Department.

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Shanghai Jiexiao Economic Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive joint-stock company engaged in import and export trade, specializing in chemicals, textiles, paper and pulp, light industry, grain and oil food products, and more. The company possesses the rights to conduct its own import and export operations.
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Aomori Apple Juice (produced by Aomori Prefecture Apple Juice Co., Ltd. in Japan) Product features: Imported Aomori Apple Juice from Japan. Aomori County, located adjacent to Hokkaido, produces high-quality apples as raw materials for fresh pressing. The juice uses a unique whole apple pressing process to produce fresh pure apple juice with excellent export quality (vitamin C antioxidant). Learn more +

Aomori Apple Juice
JA Orange Juice (Agricultural Cooperative Organization of Odao City, Japan) Product Features: 100% pure orange juice imported from Hiroshima, without additives. Select high-quality oranges produced on the slopes of the Seto River in Hiroshima Prefecture as raw materials for fresh pressing, and use advanced production techniques to extract pure orange juice with a delicious taste for export. Learn more +

JA Orange Juice
Italian DP Winery requires 30 months of refinement, initially through fermentation and time soaking, first transferred to stainless steel barrels, then entered into exquisite oak barrels, and finally retained in the bottle. Its color seems to be as glossy as being infected with ruby. Its aroma is rich, as strong and gentle as the land that nurtures it. It contains rich floral aromas, as well as strong flavors of plums and black cherries, making it particularly suitable for pairing with the first dish in Mediterranean cuisine, mainly consisting of beans and red meat. Learn more +

Le Cormont Pucciano Red Wine
Product features: Convenient and fast, no need to rinse with water, time-saving and labor-saving. Easy to use: The glove design is ergonomic and easy to wear. Environmental protection and hygiene: disposable to avoid cross infection. Learn more +

Wash free bath gloves
Dog wash free cleaning gloves (Honda Yoko Co., Ltd.) Product features: No alcohol, no spices, safe and healthy. Unique cleaning formula effectively removes stains and bacteria. Mild and non irritating, suitable for all skin types. No need for rinsing, convenient and fast. Dogs can lick without worrying about safety issues. Learn more +

Dog wash free cleaning gloves
During the flu season, masks have become an indispensable protective tool in our daily lives. The Morse series masks, with their three-layer filtering structure and a virus isolation rate of up to 99%, have become a powerful weapon for us to fight against influenza. It uses negative electrostatic technology to accurately capture viruses of 0.1 micrometers and above, building a solid defense line for you. It not only effectively blocks influenza virus, but also has excellent protective effect on PM2.5 fine particles and novel coronavirus (MERS). Learn more +

Adult and children's Morse protective masks

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